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Could your purse be the reason for your daily aches and pains?


No woman will leave the house without her purse! It’s where you keep your cell phone, your wallet, your make up and anything else you may urgently need…but is it also the cause of all those aches and pains?

Believe it or not, what you carry and how you carry that purse could be the reason for the tingling feeling down your arms, or the tension in your shoulders, or why one shoulder is visibly higher than the other one.

Here are some tips to look and feel faboulous!!

1. Be mindful of the weight!

Your purse is not a backpack, so don’t treat it as one. Most purses are worn on only one shoulder so it should be much lighter, no more than 7.5lbs! Get rid of things that weigh down your purse such as change (coins are heavy), lots of loose papers, entire make up kits, and anything you haven't used in the past week.

2. Straps are important, the thicker the better!

Thin straps can dig in and cut off nerves and blood vessels. It can cause tingling or numbness into the arm and hands. Thicker straps don’t dig in as much and if the strap has added padding, that’s a bonus!

3. How you carry your purse is very important!

The rule of thumb on how to wear purses (and backpacks) is, the closer to the core, the better. So a purse that goes across the body is best. Many women don’t like purses that go across, so if you have a purse that goes straight down, make sure you keep switching up the purse to give both sides of the body a workout.

​I have had many women who look at me in frustration and say “I can barely remember to drink enough water, you want me to remember to switch my purse?!” This is a very understandable reaction but we can make it easy! Just remember this, on odd days wear your purse on the right, and on even days wear it on the left, and at the end of the year, you have been given both sides equal work.

Incorporating these simple guidelines can help you live a happier and more pain free life!

Your purse could be the reason why one shoulder is higher than the other and cause misalignments in your spine, causing damage to your muscles, joints and nerves. Follow these simple tricks to help your body and spine and get you closer to optimal health!

Drop by and speak with Ashor if you have any other questions!

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