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Snow and Shovelling

Snow and Shoveling!


After the latest storm, Hamilton is covered in snow and with that one of our biggest pet peeves – shoveling! For many of us it is just a small nuisance, but for many it can be a source of great discomfort and injury!

Improper shoveling can cause muscle spasms and joint misalignments which can lead to overall general health deterioration. Follow the following steps to help you this month!

1. Be active!

This is actually a step which should be followed throughout the year. One problem with the first snowfall is people who have been sedentary all year must now shovel hundreds of pounds of snow!! This is a recipe for disaster and why so many people, especially the elderly, suffer from heart attacks during the first snow fall of the year.

2. Use an ergonomic shovel

Ergonomic shovels help by reducing the need to bend at the low back. An ergonomic shovel helps you by maintaining a neutral spine so that stresses of shoveling are shored by the entire body and not just your back.

3. Proper Shoveling Technique

a. Push, Don’t Lift

As much as possible, maintain a neutral spine and push the snow as opposed to lifting it. Pushing ensures you use your legs to move the snow as opposed to your back.

b. If you must lift, use your legs

When you must lift the snow and can’t push it any longer, make sure you lift with your legs because our legs and handle a great deal more weight and stress as opposed to our backs!

4. Take Breaks

When shoveling, you must understand that it is a very strenuous activity, and just like all activities that are strenuous, make sure you take frequent breaks. Think of shoveling as exercising!

5. Dress Warm

This is not chiropractic related, but take mama’s advice and bundle up!

Follow these steps and exercise healthy snow shoveling. For any health related questions including how chiropractic can help you achieve optimal health, make sure to drop by the clinic or call us at 905.389.6336

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