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One Year Strong

It’s been a year, an AMAZING year!

Last year on August 6, I officially took over Dr. Odette Tunks’ Chiropractic office and opened up Hamilton Chiropractic. I was truly blessed to be able to start the fulfillment of my dream so early after graduating school.

As excited as I was, I was also extremely nervous. I was being trusted by Dr. Tunks to take over her patients who she cared for. I was being trusted by so many patients with providing them optimal chiropractic care. I was being trusted by Lisa and Leslie (our lovely office administrators) to make sure I don’t mess up what Odette had built and ensure they were still employed…and finally I was being trusted (unfortunately) by the bank and the government to pay back LOTS AND LOTS of money. It was quite a bit to throw on me fresh out of school, but I was excited about these new challenges that were in front of me. I knew the amount of time and work that would go into building Hamilton Chiropractic would not be a small feat, but the rewards would be tremendous. In a few years, with enough effort, I would truly be able to say I am doing what I love, I am helping people for a living.

There have been lots of ups and working with Lisa and Leslie was just the start. Having the opportunity to start working with Andrea this past December has also been quite the blessing. She adds another service which our patients love and continue to benefit from. Her humour is also quite refreshing…at times. It’s not on par with my humour, but maybe in due time I will rub off on her.

There have also been some downs. Being young and very eager, I was hoping that from open to close I would have a line up of patients, but clearly that’s never the case, so I have to make sure my ambition doesn’t put me down. As I have been told many times, as long as I do a good job, people will come, as long as people see the positive effects of chiropractic care & massage therapy and it’s healing properties they will continue to seek the treatment and refer their patients. Many people have referred family and friends, and when that happens, it’s truly humbling!

I look forward to 6 August 2016 and hopefully I can write another little post about the continued growth in Hamilton Chiropractic. Very excited to help you with your health needs!

P.S. As a sign of our gratitude, from henceforth anyone who refers someone, both the new and existing patient will have their names put in a monthly draw for a $50 gift card to be used at the clinic. So if you have been putting off seeing Andrea or myself, now you will have no more excuses!

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