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Orthotics - What's the deal?

The other day a patient came in and was very eager in getting a new pair of custom foot orthotics. He stated that his extended health benefits were about to expire for the year and needed to change his orthotics that he has had for about two or three years. This got me thinking and I wanted to let everyone know if and how orthotics can help them!

To begin, the foot orthotics we use at Hamilton Chiropractic are custom made and unique to each individual and made in Markham Canada (this is especially great seeing this Saturday is Small Business Saturday, where people are encourage to shop local!) Below I will try to answer some questions people may have with respect to orthotics.

What is a custom foot orthotic?

Custom foot orthotics are devices that look like insoles but are made specific to each patient. They help to provide support where support is needed and align the bones and joints of the foot in the most anatomically efficient position so there is less stress and strain on the feet. With less stress and strain on the feet, less stress and strain is transferred to the knees, hips, back and up the rest of the body.

Who needs custom foot orthotics?

The best way to find out who needs custom foot orthotics would be to be assessed at the clinic. Orthotics can help people with local foot pain (as experienced by people with plantar fasciitis, bunions, metatarsalgia, etc.), and possibly people with knee, hip or low back pain if the root cause of these is due to poor foot alignment. One way to find out, drop in and talk to Dr. Ashor about it!

How we make custom foot orthotics?

At Hamilton Chiropractic, we make the orthotics based on a physical examination with Dr. Ashor and a gait analysis via a digital casting device that a patient stands on and walks on to determine if you require custom foot orthotics. Similarly, through the physical examination and gait analysis we find out what unique modifications need to be made for your orthotic to help you achieve maximal foot alignment.

Why custom foot orthotics are needed?

Why would you want to achieve maximal foot alignment, this is easy, to reduce pain and get you on the road to optimal health!

Call us at 905.389.6336 or drop by at 838 Fennell Avenue East to see how we can help you on your road to optimal health!

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